The implemantation works within the frames of the KEOP-3.1.2/2F/09-11-2013-0026 have started at the beginning of August 2014 through the intervention of the contractor, who won the public procurement.

The project has been materialized on the score of European Union funding, which supported the reconstruction of the habitat of the NATURA 2000 areas.
The intensity of the support was 100% in connection with the executive stage of the project, and the amount of the obtained sponsorship was 148.716.480.- hungarian forints.
The forestry has launched the project in consortium with the War Department.

The cutting activity consists of the mechanical cutting of the invasive tree species and the chemical treatment with non-drip technology of the stools, as well as the new-growing sprouts beside increased lookout,


The usage of the chemical was needed, as the efficiency of the intervention can not be guaranteed in the long run.
The area affected by the cutting of the invasive species extends on 333,12 hectares.

The transformation of the structure of the wood has taken place on 10,77 hectares, where oak (Quercus cerris) substance was put instead of pine (Pinus sylvestris) substance.

After the execution of the works, the condition of the natural areas of the region are going to improve, the proportion of the territories connected to the habitats with public significance will be increased and at the same time, there will rise an opportunity to sustain an ecological balance as well as the biological diversity on the long run.
The project ended on 15th Juny 2015.
The sustainable period lasts for 5 years and during this time, KASZÓ will handle the cutting of the accidentally appearing invasive tree species under its own power.