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Welcome to the official website of project KASZÓ-LIFE (LIFE12 NAT/HU/000593).

We have the pleasure to announce that the consortium of KASZÓ Forestry Stock Company and Forest Research Institute (ERTI) was awarded a grant of 994.126 EUR in order to implement its project proposal called “Restoration and conservation of Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior in the Kaszo area” in the framework of the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union. 

The main objectives of the project are to manage Natura 2000 sites in the West-Inner-Somogy natural region (south-west Hungary) and rehabilitate natural habitats that have been degraded. The project seeks to improve the water supply of the forests, smaller swamps and grasslands of Szentai Forest Natura 2000 site as well as retaining precipitation in the area and thus stabilising the favourable ecological state.

Project activities started on 1st September 2013 and – as per schedule – will be finished in 5 years. The so-called concrete conservation actions are to be performed in the winter of 2014-2015 –considering the characteristics of the vegetation periods of the flora and fauna of the project area, thus disturbing their habitats as least as possible. In the course of the concrete conservation actions a reservoir in the forest Bükk will be created, the conservation of the unique Lake Baláta will be carried out, the Kűvölgy Lake System will be dredged and two additional lakes will be constructed. In order to retain as much water as possible some bottom thresholds will be built in watercourses. All conservation actions will be monitored in order to reach the best results in the improvement of the water supplies of the project area. Invasive plants will be eliminated and service roads will be reconstructed. A 960 m long educational trail with two resting places will also be created.

We believe that guided tours led by our experts will attract the public. In the course of such tours areas closed for the public will also be visited and the information absorbed and the knowledge gained during the tours will significantly contribute to the increase of the participants’ commitment to nature protection issues.

Local stakeholders including inhabitants and entrepreneurs will be informed regularly on the progress of the project. Results and achievements including their impacts will be shared with the professional audience by publishing a study highlighting the applied and gained best practices. The village of Kaszó and the surrounding forests will be better known after the international conference and field visit scheduled for the end of the project.

We would appreciate your regular visits to our website and sharing your thoughts with our project team. 

Gábor GALAMB, Managing Director


Major information of project KASZÓ-LIFE:

  • Coordinating Beneficiary: KASZÓ Zrt.
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Project Budget: 1.327.189 €
  • EU Contribution (75%): 994.126 €
  • Project implementation period: 60 months (01/09/2013-31/08/2018)