The company manages 25,000 acres of sand land in one of Hungary’s largest most varied landscapes: the Inner area of Somogy County. The centre of continuous forests is in Kaszópuszta. The Kaszó Forestry Stock Company has functioned as a company limited by shares since 1 January, 1993, as the legal successor of the former state-owned company. The management has compiled the plans and targets with the spirit of the modern age in mind, in order to ensure the pace of development. 

The basic activities of the Kaszó Forestry Stock Company are forestry, game management and timber processing. The continuous organisation modernisation linked to the fulfilment of new tasks has enabled us to make the operation of the company more effective. The company should create reliable employment opportunities in its environs through management and by keeping and expanding employment positions.

As a former marshland, this area of Inner Somogy is not so suitable for agricultural production. It is, however, perfect for forestry and raising game. The marshland surrounded by woods is the habitat of several rare, protected plant and animal species. There are a number of rare species among its rich flora and fauna; it is the habitat of botanical rarities that are well-known across Europe. The ecological condition of the area and the natural and environmental protection value of the various associations have grown continuously in the past years.

Besides the basic activities Kaszó Forestry Stock Company together with the conservation management of Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate works towards conserving the natural values and improving the conditions of habitats.

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