The KASZÓ-LIFE project, successfully completed on December 31, 2018, organized a professional day on forest exploration and its results.

On April 24, 2019, nearly 50 forester gathered at the Kaszó Ecological Center, representing forestry authorities, companion forestry and KASZÓ Zrt.

 László Horváth project manager from KASZÓ Zrt. opened the event, highlighted the importance of forest exploration, then Dr. Gábor Kovács and Dr. Bálint Heil, as the experts responsible for site exploration, presented the methodology and results of the survey.

 The nearly one-and-a-half-hour lecture was followed by a field demonstration detailing the 5 most common types of genetic soil on a 1,800-hectare site. In addition to providing a wealth of useful information, experts pointed out that the positive effects of excess water on future forests in the increasingly dry periods of climate change, which is essentially the objective of the KASZÓ-LIFE project.