Our professional participated in the conference “Nature conservation treatment of aggressive invasive species in practice”. The event was organised within the framework of a LIFE+ Nature project titled „Conservation of priority natural values in Turjánvidék Natura 2000 site southern unit” and a project of the Hungary-Slovakia Cross-border Co-operation Programme, „Standardized protection against invasive species in sand and floodplain habitats” on 14-15 October 2013. The participants shared their experiences, best practices of invasive elimination – which is the crucial part of our project. 

The winner of the procurement procedure for providing project management services is Lábodi Consulting Ltd. The winner will coordinate the project progress monitoring activities for five years. Lábodi Consulting Ltd. has several years’ experience in the management and administration of international projects including LIFE+ projects as well (Eastern Bakony, Hungarian Little Plain). 

The project idea, expected results, the actions and activities to be performed were shared with the stakeholders, institutions, local inhabitants and entrepreneurs in the course of stakeholder meetings before commencing the conservation activities. Discussions with the representatives of the Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate (DDNPD) were held on 19th September 2013. Besides the general introduction of the project to we discussed in detail the activities of the concrete conservation actions of project KASZÓ-LIFE. The experts of DDNPD agreed to professionally support the project.

On 16th October 2013 conservation actions, expected results, impacts were shared with the local entrepreneurs emphasising the positive aspects for the locals.


A professional expert was subcontracted in order to procure the best service providers. The expert started the preparatory activities of the procurement procedures of subcontracting the technical planning and project management services. The winners will be announced in October 2013.

Project KASZÓ-LIFE started with the kick-off meeting of the beneficiaries on 2nd September 2013. Partners have overviewed the steps of the actions, the division of tasks and the deadlines set in the project proposal.