In frame of an environmental impact assessment the Southern Transdanubian Environmental and Nature Protection Agency held a public hearing in Somogyszob. The residents of the area were represented by the major.

The Kaszó Cup National Bloodhound Show was organised for the 26th time in 2015 in Kaszó, where invited bloodhound owners could prove their dog’s aptitude for finding a wounded game. Besides the main event, 4 dogs took successful pre-examinations and a breed show was also held during the weekend.

The Kaszó Cup went to Rábaparti Vadász Kroni led by Árpád Takács and receiving 183 points. Likashegyi Athosz received 168 points which was enough for the second place. He was led by Gábor Garai. Third place went to Rábaparti Vadász Morgó who was led by Nagy Árpád and earned 164 points.


In frame of the KASZO-LIFE project an automated agrometeorological station was set up in Kaszó in October 2014. It contributes to the monitoring activities by sending data in every 10 minutes and providing charts on the website.

The data is available under the following link: