On the 8 January 2016 the first bottom step was constructed. This aims to slow the streamlets, in order to raise the water level, which will provide ground water to the trees in the surrounding forests.


On 15 December 2015 the I. phase of the construction works was completed: dredging of Kűvölgy #2, reinforcement of the barrage and road reconstruction were carried out. Technical delivery/acceptance procedure was completed, the construction was finished successfully.



Works related to the II. phase of the implementation are advancing well. The barrage of Lake Bükki was reinforced and stilted, the central regulation structure is under construction.

At the barrages of Kűvölgy #3 and #4 wave protection is already under construction after completion of the embankments and regulation structures.


Reinforcement of the embankment at Lake Bükki                                      Installation of the central regulating structure at Lake Bükki

 Barrage of Lake Bükki


Barrage at Kűvölgy #4 being built                                                               Construction of the wave protection at Kűvölgy #4


Barrage at Kűvölgy #3 under construction                                                   Barrage of Kűvölgy #3

In October 2015 the construction of the embankment between Lake Kűvölgy #3 and #4 has begun.

The works started by cutting of the trees hindering the activities of the action, stripping the topsoil of the enbankement, demolishing the old spillway and outlet tower.


The contractor placed the ready-made concrete items of the new spillway to the base structure, refilled and heightened the embankment as per set in the technical plans.


In connection with the advancement of the tender, a press conference – which was interlaced with a public information meeting – has been held on 27th October 2015.

First of all, István Lábodi has described the LIFE project.
Secondly, Mihály Szász drawn the public’s attention to the foregoing results.
Lastly, László Nagy and András Koltay have represented the monitoring duties, as well as the experiences of the measuring.

After the conference, there was an opportunity to view the foregoing implemented works.

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